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Arya 16-Cell Battery

Arya 16-Cell Battery

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Experience extended battery life with the ARYA 16-cell rechargeable battery, providing double the power compared to the standard 8-cell ARYA battery!

Ditch the hassle of bulky oxygen tanks as this cutting-edge device operates on advanced rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, granting you the freedom and flexibility you deserve.

Choose between two battery options: the 8-cell and the 16-cell. While the 8-cell battery fully charges in just 3.5 hours, the 16-cell battery takes approximately 6 hours, offering twice the usage duration!

Prepare to be impressed by the unparalleled battery performance of the ARYA POC, especially when equipped with the 16-cell battery. With an impressive 8 hours of battery life on setting 2, surpassing competitors by an additional 3 hours, you can enjoy continuous mobility without interruptions, eliminating the need to pause and recharge your unit.

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