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GCE Zen-O Battery

GCE Zen-O Battery

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Experience true freedom and independence with the Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator, enhanced by the Zen-O 12-Cell Battery. Weighing a mere 1.45 pounds, this battery provides extended hours of liberation without burdening you. Unlike bulkier continuous flow units, the compact and lightweight design of the Zen-O 12-Cell Battery ensures convenient storage for future use.

Whether you aspire to embark on a dream vacation or simply desire more time outside, the 12-cell battery guarantees an ample supply of oxygen. One remarkable feature of the Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator is its flexibility to operate with either one or two batteries.

Opt for a single battery to maintain your concentrator at a true 10-pound weight. If you choose to use two batteries, you'll not only double your battery life but also add less than 2 pounds to the overall weight of your concentrator. Now, enjoy unhindered moments with the Zen-O 12-Cell Battery, empowering you to pursue your passions with ease.

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