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GCE Zen-O External Battery Charger

GCE Zen-O External Battery Charger

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Discover the convenience of the Zen-O External Battery Charger—a single or double bay charging solution that liberates you from the need to connect your concentrator to AC or DC power supplies for recharging!

This charger opens up new possibilities for your day, whether you're navigating a packed schedule or embracing spontaneity. No more interruptions to your productivity, no more delays to recharge your batteries—simply connect your external battery charger, place a battery on it, and let it effortlessly replenish.

Equipped with a 110v power cord, the external battery charger seamlessly integrates into any wall outlet, offering flexibility in charging locations. Additionally, the charger features advanced battery calibration technology, enhancing the longevity of your battery by resetting the lithium-ion cells. Say goodbye to unnecessary breaks and disruptions—embrace a seamlessly charged lifestyle with the Zen-O External Battery Charger.

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