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GCE Zen-O Travel Cart

GCE Zen-O Travel Cart

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At a mere 10 pounds, the Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator stands out as one of the lightest units in its category. While some may find it manageable to carry, the Zen-O Travel Cart takes convenience to the next level, ensuring effortless transportation of your concentrator. Not only does it require less energy to pull the Zen-O behind you compared to carrying it, but this custom travel cart is purpose-built for seamless compatibility with the Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator.

Engineered with large wheels, the travel cart simplifies navigating curbs, handling puddles, and ascending stairs. The worry of your concentrator slipping off is eliminated, thanks to the deep cutout platform mirroring the Zen-O's shape. Additionally, the custom carrying case features a strap that securely fastens over the travel cart, guaranteeing that your concentrator stays firmly in place during transport. Enjoy unmatched ease and peace of mind with the Zen-O Travel Cart.

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