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Arya Airtivo Max Battery

Arya Airtivo Max Battery

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Experience uninterrupted freedom with the ARYA Airvito Max Portable Oxygen Concentrator, fueled by the cutting-edge ARYA Airvito Max Battery. This powerful battery is designed to support your oxygen needs around the clock, allowing you to go about your day and night with confidence. Whether you're using the device or utilizing the external battery charging port, the ARYA Airvito Max Battery ensures a continuous flow of oxygen.

Unlock unparalleled independence with the ARYA Airvito Max rechargeable battery, a key component that complements the exceptional features of the portable oxygen concentrator. This lithium-ion battery provides you with extended hours of reliable oxygen supply. Should you wish to extend your usage, simply swap the battery with a spare or effortlessly recharge it using the AC or DC power supply options.

At home, utilize the AC power supply for convenient recharging, while the DC power supply becomes your travel companion on the road, ensuring a seamless power source for your device. The ARYA Airvito Max battery is your gateway to a lifestyle of flexibility and autonomy, enhancing the experience of the ARYA Airvito Max portable oxygen concentrator.

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